Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ready to rumble!

Hello, friends,

We are Backchat, a new metal/hardcore punk outfit from Kyiv, Ukraine, ready to kick your brains out!

After years spent together and apart in experimenting with different genres of heavy music, in autumn 2010 we finally got together to find our own way of expressing ourselves in a stream of clatter and rumble. Heavily influenced by various genres from hard rock and rock and roll to black metal, crust etc and inspired by such rock idols as Converge, Motorhead, Dillinger Escape Plan, AC/DC, Disfear, Kiss, Doomriders, Pulling Teeth, Trap Them, Mastodon, Integrity etc. we are trying to invent our own mixture of metal and hardcore punk music.

Feel free to download and share with your friends our debut self-titled release:
 1. No One Wins (1:35)
2. Fume of Carouse (2:58)
3. Harbour of Wrecked Arks (4:18) 
Listen online: [bandcamp] [reverbnation] [purevolume] []

If you are interested in our music and want to know more about our recent activities, please follow us here, or on: [facebook], [myspace]


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